Reinvent Treasures offers turn-key estate sale services. During the free consultation, we assess the home, explain each step of the process and answer any questions or concerns. If you have an adult child or caregiver, we invite them to attend the meeting as well. Until then, read more about the estate sale services we provide and the advantages of hiring a professional.

Free estate consultation

Organize/stage homes

Price inventory

Advertise sale

We stage the home, open it for business and turn your treasures turn into profit!

Advantages of hiring an estate sale liquidator.

  • Save time and energy – Organizing a private sale is physically demanding. Why? Because in order to entice customers, you have to bring items out of hiding (yes, that includes the old trunk you no longer want) – it’s an essential part of properly staging a home. Need not worry, we have a team that can do the heavy-lifting for you.
  • Emotionally divested – There are memories attached to the belongings you acquired. Under our care, we aim to sell your “treasures” to someone who will care for it, just as you did.
  • Pricing expertise – Each home has unique furnishings of varying value. Our years of experience paired with thorough research helps us determine the best selling price.
  • Customer loyalty – Advertising a sale can be costly – especially without a loyal customer base. Our unique logo and brand positioning set’s Reinvent Treasures a part. Above all, it connects us with followers across several platforms.
  • Resource liaison – We can serve as a connector to many services including: professional packers and movers, appraisers, realtors and clean out companies.

Types of items sold in an estate sale.

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